Russian Olive Furniture

Andrew Bishop builds custom tables out of wood from the Russian Olive tree.  Andrew discovered the beauty of Russian Olive wood when he decided to build a table using a tree from his family’s farm.  He was amazed by the wild grain pattern, burls, and rich coloring, and has chosen to work with only Russian Olive wood since.  You can read more about the process here.

Andrew grew up on his family’s farm in North Central Montana, and he is still very involved in farming.  The summer harvest is his favorite time of year.  Andrew and his wife, Jen, live in Vaughn, Montana.  When Andrew and Jen aren’t tracking down Russian Olive trees, milling out wood, or building tables, they enjoy being in the mountains of Montana exploring the backcountry.  Much of Andrew’s inspiration for his wood working comes from being in serene, beautiful places, such as on his farm helping his dad or in the mountains backpacking into alpine lakes.

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